Covid-19 Update

If you choose to wear one you have our full support and we won’t make you feel bad for wearing one.  And for all of our customers if it would make you feel more comfortable to have the student and instructors wear a mask while working on you all you have to do is ask and we will accommodate your request without question.  However, this also comes with an additional potential obligation to the guest sitting in the chair.  As our students are just as much a customer as the person sitting in the chair, if they would feel more comfortable with you wearing a mask we will expect you to wear one as well. 


We will not go through scheduling gymnastics to move things around to other students so if you insist on not wearing one then you will have to reschedule to another day and there will be no guarantees that the next time a student will not make the same request.  We are taking the position that during this transition period for the next month or two that all students, guests and staff will accommodate anyone who asks that a mask be worn.  After this transition period to allow people to feel more confident and comfortable has run its course the ability to insist that other people would wear a mask around you will not exist.  You can continue to ask someone to wear a mask but that is as much as could be expected.  We want to thank you all in advance for being cooperative and reasonable in dealing with the feelings of others. 

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