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Okay, you just had a perm, now what?

A healthy perm adds infinite texture, volume and dimension, while a poorly maintained perm will grow into a mass of dry, brittle ends and washed out color. You have spent precious time and money on your new look, proper home care is an absolute essential to making that investment pay off. The following 8 recommendations should be viewed as the essentials for proper home care of your perm.

  1. Avoid shampooing your hair for at least 48 hours. This delay allows the newly formed hair bonds to set properly. If the design needs a touch up in the first 48 hours lightly mist the hair with plain water, and let the hair air dry (no heat) before expanding it with a pick, rake, or fingers.
  2. Avoid permanent hair color for at least 1 week after the perm.
  3. Use a gentle acid balanced shampoo and daily conditioner, with a deep conditioner once every 3 weeks.
  4. Never brush wet permed hair. Instead comb through it with a large tooth comb, allow to dry naturally, and then expand it. Brushing dry, tight curls may create a frizzy look. If this happens mist the hair and allow to dry naturally.
  5. Use a thermal styling spray to protect permed hair when using a curling iron, blow dryer, hot rollers, or any heated tool. (Never use a heated styling appliance in first 48 hours after a perm).
  6. Use an appropriate liquid styling product and work it through the hair. This will provide added body and help define curl texture.
  7. Have your hair trimmed and styled regularly to enhance and revive the curl patterns.
  8. When the interior lengths have lost their curl consider a partial perm. This is an especially good option for longer, layered hair.
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