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When it comes time to repay your student loan you will be able to find a great deal of information online.   The first place to start is at www.studentaid.alberta.ca and click the Repaying Your Loan link in the top menu bar. 

The 4 main subdivisions of this section deal with

  1. Making Payments  http://studentaid.alberta.ca/repaying-your-loan/making-payments/
  2. Interest Rates   http://studentaid.alberta.ca/repaying-your-loan/interest-rates/
  3. Repayment Assistance  http://studentaid.alberta.ca/repaying-your-loan/repayment-assistance/   (if you run into trouble in keeping your loan current)
  4. Default Consequences  http://studentaid.alberta.ca/repaying-your-loan/default-consequences/


Other Helpful Links


Student Aid Alberta Service Center   https://myloan.studentaid.alberta.ca/ABDLWeb/En/index.aspx

Government of Canada Student Financial Assistance  http://www.esdc.gc.ca/en/student_financial_aid/index.page

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